heya!! it's my submission for the snail Bitsy jam. thanks for playing. 

music is Puppy Love from Bad Snacks 

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GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withBitsy
TagsAnimals, Bitsy, Cute, Pixel Art, snails


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I adore the writing!  Really cute.

thanks !!!


This is too cute for words OMG

The music choice is perfect.

ahh thanks lenny!!


Oh wow this is so cute! :) I picked the bow-tie haha. That ending was super clever

the bow-tie is my favorite! thanks!!


Adorable!! Really brought my mood up. Thank you :-)

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thanks omg!!


this is so precious!! and i loved the ending screen

thanks so much!!


THIS IS THE CUTEST also I am 100% on board with the snail who loves pizza

waohh so cool you saw that!! thanks!!!


Ahhhh, cute date!

thanks Noah!!


Nina!! I love this! The music is great, and I love the snail sprites. Also the ending was so creative!

ohh im glad the ending worked! i was afraid i might've been to vague. im glad you liked it!!